DJ Paul From Three 6 Mafia Really Loves The Pirates

Late Night Tip.

Ridin’ Spinners.

Slob On My Knob.

Heck, even Stay High/Fly.

Yeah, I’m a fan of classic Three 6 tracks. I have no idea what they’ve been up to lately, but I saw the above picture on a website for a Twitvid campaign. Turns out they want their fans to post videos of them fist pumping to what I would guess is their latest song, Feel It.

So I GIS’d three 6 mafia feel it, and found yet another picture of DJ Paul in a different kind of Pirates hat.


And then I GIS’d dj paul and saw this one here.


Big deal…tons of people wear Pirates hats and DJ Paul does so to represent the P in Paul. But if a well-known rapper remotely supports our horrible baseball team, I’ll feature it here. Wait, did I just call Puffy/Diddy/Duddy a rapper?

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