Do You Want Free Pitt Basketball Tickets?

So Pitt basketball is pretty hot right now? After successive wins over Syracuse and Cincinnati, Pitt is showing that they don’t want to be known as a “rebuilding” team. They’re going to come at you, no matter what your stature.

So with the help of my buds at Pittsburgh Budget Cars, who offer quality used cars in Pittsburgh for under $10,000, I’m going to give away a great prize…two tickets and parking passes to an upcoming game. February 6th, Pitt hosts Seton Hall, and you can see it in person by doing the following:

Email me a picture of a mini pony that I haven’t seen before. Winner will be chosen at random.

That’s it. I’ve seen quite a few, so don’t just Google image search “mini pony” and email me the first one you see. If you look closer, I’ve already used most of the ones on the first Google image page for that search.

I’ll be furiously refreshing my email to see what comes in. Do it for Pitt.

Pittsburgh Budget Cars has a extensive online inventory of certified used vehicles. Check out their website because I said so, and because they’re supplying the tickets for YOU.

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