Donna Karan Loves Pittsburgh Sports


I have no problem making absurd assumptions like that. In my mind, Donna Karan is now a huge Pittsburgh sports fan.

My parents came up to visit NYC last week. They spent Thursday doing some touristy things like visiting Times Square. I don’t do that stuff cos I live here and know better. Man, there’s just some places that you see once, and that’s enough.

While in midtown, they came across this exhibit called Sidewalk Catwalk. There’s 32 individually-designed mannequins positioned on Broadway in between Times Square at 42nd St. and Herald Square at 34th. While checking them out, Mom and Dad saw a Donna Karan-styled mannequin, and that dummy was all Black and Gold’d out. That can’t be a coincidence. She just happens to be really into the Pirates, Pens and Steelers and I can’t really fault her for that. Some of us start blogs primarily dedicated to Pittsburgh sports, others dress up mannequins in the colors. We do what we can with our talents.

Best part…the closeup of the bottom of the pic. Dad clearly noticed that the sign said PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH and not PLEASE DO NOT STEP ON THE DISPLAY. Plus, they threw a PLEASE in there, so it’s not like they were being all strict or something. Good eye, Dad.



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