Duct Tape Steelers Folders Rule

Back in grade school, I remember having classic Pee-Chee folders. They weren’t flashy, but did their job of holding my important documents together. And really, all folders are pretty sweet in that regard. They’re simple, slim and at least make you try to not be messy. And my desk and bookbag were always messy.

I can’t say I was ever crafty enough to make a homemade Steelers folder out of duct tape, though. If I did, I probably would’ve made like 10 of ’em, and then would’ve made another 10 Pirates and Penguins bi-folds as well. I’d probably make one for every important piece of paper, just to look extra-cool. “These papers right here? They’re so big-league that I can’t risk having two papers in the same folder.”

Tip of the cap to the kid that made the folder in this video.



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