Eminem Is Still Rapping About The Steelers

Thanks to maticulous, my fellow hip hop conversationalist, for this.

We all remember Eminem dropping a Ben Roethlisberger reference in his song Despicable. Well, he’s still going on about the Steelers.

He’s apparently releasing another album, and I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t really paid attention to anything of his after Encore. He supposedly “retired,” and all his work since just feels to be lacking. His new album Recovery comes out later this month, but its already leaked. And Big Ben was only the beginning of the Steelers verses.

In the song “Almost Famous,” he not only calls himself Slim Roethlisberger, but says that:

For a gangster you shoulda sh*t your pants when you saw the chainsaw get to waving like a Terrible Towel.”

And in the bonus track “Here We Go,” Em decides to talk about his flow, saying:

Shady I don’t understand your flow, understand my flow? B*tch I flow like Troy Polamalu’s hair boy. Don’t you dare try to follow or compare boy. I’m raw, you ain’t even medium rare, stay the f*ck outta my hair boy.”

Well…it appears his flow is all hairy and curly and awesome at defense.

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