ESPN Or Google Is Wrong. Or Some Combination Of The Two

I recently hit up Google to check on the Steelers’ past schedule. I know ESPN’s NFL schedule/results archive is pretty easy to use, so I typed steelers espn into the search engine. I figured the ESPN result would have a quicklink to the schedule page, and Google didn’t disappoint.

Where they did fail was within the other quicklinks under the main page address. There are links to other high-traffic pages within the Steelers page on, and most of ’em are normal. Ben’s player page, the schedule, depth chart, roster…those are pages that are frequented by the general public. But they also still include Santonio Holmes’ player page, and he hasn’t been with the team for well over 2 months. Update much, ESPN/Google?

Counting the rarely-used Chuck Batch, that’s nearly a Bing-esque assortment of terms.

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