Evgeni Malkin Is “Great”

So the big hockey news in Pittsburgh lately is the local media trashing Geno Malkin during his current (?) slump. Both the PG’s Ron Cook and the Trib’s Rob Rossi have blasted the kid for not helping the team more during the longest slide of his career. As if he isn’t an NHL legend already, becoming the first Russian to win the Conn Smythe just 7 months ago.

I called his slump current with a question mark because he obliterated Cook and Rossi with a hat trick last night. In return, he got to hang out with the ever-cool Dan Potash for a post-game interview. Geno talked about his and the team’s performance.

Yeah I feel great, and we did a great job tonight and tough win, and Islanders are great team, but we played great Power Play tonight and I score 3 goals and it’s great. I feel great.”

Great! I liken this to when I first learned French as a kid and everything was trés bien, or very good.

However, the simplicity of calling the effort against the Islanders “great” is the best way to describe it. Sure, there were stupid penalties and a blown lead, but Malkin woke himself up, Sid had a season-high 6 points and we beat a division rival with a solid game. Totally worth calling it “great” 6 times in a run-on-ish phrase.

Video below.

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