Former Steeler Jay Riemersma Needs To Man Up

Thanks to my buddy Don for this. Former Steelers TE Jay Riemersma ran for Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District seat…and lost. By 658 votes. That should be an accomplishment for the political outsider, but it’s how and why he lost that sucks for Jay.

Riemersma ran a pretty thorough negative attack campaign against his opponents. It got so bad that his opponents sued him for defamation and filed a complaint with the FEC for illegally coordinating the attack ads. C’mon, Jay…you can’t just mow everyone down like it’s a football field. An all-out attack is gonna get you burned at some point, on the field AND in the political circle.

Think cutting back on the attacks coulda swung just under 700 votes your way when over 100,000 were cast?

Seriously, go to that link and watch video of his own campaign commercial as well as one of some hero of the constituents at a debate telling Jay to “Man up!” Called out.

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