Gary Coleman’s Evil Ex-Wife’s Father Might Be A Steelers Fan. Vomit.

I try to keep a cool head, and there’s very few people I truly despise. Gary Coleman’s ex-wife has done everything possible to make me hate her. First she refused to help him during the 911 call when he was bleeding from the head, then she took him off life support (which only current spouses should have the right to) curiously quick because she “didn’t want him to end up like Muhammad Ali,” whatever that means. That wasn’t it. She went onto any talk show that would have her to defend herself against accusations that she pushed Gary, leading to his brain injury, which no one had mentioned before then. And to top it all off, she took pictures of herself with Gary’s unconscious body in the hospital room moments before he died and one immediately after his passing and sold them to the tabloids for $10,000.


Yeah, we treated Gary Coleman like a human clown during his life, but that doesn’t mean his evil ex-wife has the right to be this evil. Have I said it enough? Evil.

Well now her father is saying she’s suffering something bad. Yeah, cos selling deathbed photos of your ex husband and then trying to snatch up his pension that you don’t deserve and all-around profiting off his death really makes me feel sorry for you.

Whatever…Radar has a pic of her father (above), who is trying to push his daughter’s “I’m-the-one-suffering” agenda to the media. And he’s wearing a Steelers shirt.

Go find another team.

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