Man, I hate ghosts. I remember getting sets of books about ghosts and ghost stories for a few birthdays when I was a kid, and that’s like just getting a kid a punch in the face or something. I’d end up reading all the stories, cos hey, free present and stuff, but then I’d be all disturbed and scared come night time cos I had just read about some epic haunting and people losing their minds. Ghosts suck.

Plus, I graduated from St. Vincent College, which at the time was like the 2nd most haunted campus in America. We were told all the stories, and my dorm room for sophomore and junior years was right next to the graveyard. Yeah, we went exploring and yeah, I definitely have first-hand stories that I’d share with you if you asked. But I’m not trying to creep myself out any further right now, so I’ll save ’em for another time.

I’d probably be a lot cooler with ghosts if more of them were Penguins fans. Some dudes on some show were ghost-hunting in New Castle, PA and ran into a ghost. They found a way to talk to the ghost, and the ghost went all-in and showed love for the Pittsburgh Penguins. My relationship with ghosts has gotten a little crazier now. They scare the crap outta me, but…thanks for the local team support?

I don’t even wanna know how someone invented a make-you-able-to-hear-ghost-voices machine.

Go Pens.

[much love to the Freak Show for the tip]

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