Great Moments In Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch: Gary Roberts’ Neighborhood


Thanks to Steve for this. He says:

What Would Gary Roberts Do when Flyers help open Consol Energy Center?

Since the puck drops for the first official time at the new Consol Energy Center, with the Flyers in town, it felt right to post this shirt now. Sure, Gary Roberts is no longer around, but we’re all waiting for actual hockey.

The whole shirt is pretty classically unlicensed. There’s no logos or team names, except for the words PITTSBURGH and BROAD STREET BULLIES pointing out which teams are involved. Plus there’s a caricature of former Pen Gary Roberts in Black and Gold, behind some fake Flyers fool.

The one thing I gotta ask is this…what’s up with the apostrophe after ROBERTS? If the shirt just read MR. ROBERTS’ NEIGHBORHOOD, it would make sense. But it doesn’t say that. We’re left with a phantom apostrophe for no good reason. Maybe Gary Roberts licensed his name and this was the only way the vendor could make it generic enough? Or maybe they were just too terrified of Gary Roberts to put his actual name without an apostrophe.

Either way…Go Pens.

If you have any unlicensed Pittsburgh sports gear, or awesome generic sports gear from any team, send them to me and I’ll post them.

(thanks to Cotter for the banner pic)

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