Great Moments In Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch: One Bad Ma’afala


Thanks to Rich for this. He says:

I got this shirt a few years ago.  I’m pretty sure his name, Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala, means “Christ He Pounds Rocks” in  Hawaii.  I’m assuming his catch phrase on the back of this shirt is what so endeared him in the hearts and minds of Steelers fans.  My list of negative Steeler memories goes in this order, 1.  Neil O’Donnell’s interceptions, 2.  Cedric Humes being cut, 3.  Fu’s uncalled for release by the Steelers, a release he is still waiting patiently to avenge.”

He’s One Bad Ma’afala. Shut Your Mouth! What a slogan.


I started this Great Moments feature a full 10 months ago, and I’m surprised we haven’t come across this one yet. The archives were noticeably lacking this classic piece. Along with EL YEAH!, it might be one of the most recognizable unlicensed Pittsburgh sports shirts in recent memory. Have an awesome name, get awesome generic shirts made in your honor.

I wanna point out what may be the greatest part of the shirt. It’s clearly unlicensed, as said Bad Ma’afala belongs to PITTSBURGH FOOTBALL, not the Steelers, yet the quote is trademarked. Check the bottom corner of the final letter A in Ma’afala’s last name. Is that necessary? Is is a true trademark? If you’ve spent time making a purposefully-generic shirt, why bother to trademark or get permission to use the trademarked phrase? Seems kinda counter-productive.



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