Great Moments In Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch: Pittsburgh Bluesguins

This. Is. Terrible.

Thanks (?) to my boy Jay for eyeing this and sending it over. He’s a Foley’s regular and massive Pens fan, so I trust his insight into unlicensed Penguins matters. And even though this one is so blatant that it doesn’t even need further explanation, here’s what Jay has to say:

I saw this hideous thing on ebay and originally thought it was a pens logo attached to a blues sweater but after looking at it a bit longer the blues never had a design like that, and its just the 90’s pens template done in royal blue.

If you’re gonna make jerseys in asia at least get our colors down correctly.”

AGREED. If you buy a Chinese knockoff jersey for 20 bucks, you gotta be prepared for a spelling error here or there, or maybe some shoddy stitching that’ll evaporate by the 2nd wash. But if you get a freaking ROYAL BLUE Penguins jersey with the pigeon logo on front and a sick Starter logo on the sleeve, well then by all means yell at Asia until someone rectifies the situation.

Maybe the vendor just got caught up in the will-they-or-won’t-they-change-the-blue-alternates hoopla?

If you have any unlicensed Pittsburgh sports gear, or awesome generic sports gear from any team, send them to me and I’ll post them.

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