Grilling In The Rain Is Hard, Buddy

If I had to imagine the perfect promo for a grill, I’d picture a nice, warm summer afternoon, on some deck or in some backyard, a variety of steaks and burgers hanging out next to a few cold beers while the grill cooks good food effortlessly. If I’d imagine the perfect promo for a Steelers-themed grill, I’d picture said Steelers grill on the field at Heinz or outside in the parking lot at an awesome tailgate party…with the same steak/burger/beer setup as the other scenario.

I would not think standing outside the gate at Heinz Field in the rain would be the way to sell your grill. Rain and fire aren’t necessarily the best of friends.

Unfortunate water from the sky aside, I’d probably buy this grill and use it all the time.

Video here.



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