Hey Look, A Pirates Commercial From When They Didn’t Suck

And this commercial might be a bit blasphemous. I know the Pirates weren’t perennial 90+ game losers when this commercial aired, but were we really comparing Bobby Bonilla to Willie Stargell? Because that’s what it feels like this ad is insinuating.

The spot is from 1990 and was run by WPMT Fox 43 out of the York, PA area. Believe it or not, contemporary Pirates fans, but your Buccos once battled the now-defunct Montreal Expos with the top spot in the NL East up for grabs. And Bobby “Pops” Bonilla was obviously the straw that stirred the Pirates’ drink.

It’s stuff like this that gives me hope at this point every year. Spring Training is like a minute away, and I go into every baseball season hoping that the Pirates will somehow turn it around. “It” being the consecutive losing season record. All it takes is for some footage of the last time the Pirates were decent and I’m back and ready for some .500+ ball

(ed – I made a typo on that last sentence and accidentally typed .300+ ball, which sadly makes more sense to Pirates fans.)

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