Introducing: PSAMPcast

I’ve been trying to think of a way to add to your PSAMP experience, and have recently explored a few options. I wasn’t down with committing tons of time to podcasting or anything, even though that’s a natural way for a blog to expand. The thing is, I’m still having a pretty kick-ass time on this blogging tip, and just want an easy way for you to get the most out of what gets published here. Like the immortal Katt Williams teaches, you gotta surround yourself with people who keep it pushing…always do the most you can.

And now here’s PSAMPcast. I hope it’s a simple enough concept…I like the idea of podcasting but I already have enough time constraints in my life. Plus, I’d like to think the reason you read blogs is to take in said blogger’s unique spin on the topic du jour. Frankly, I’m tired of some of the personality-free blogs that regurgitate mainstream news articles, without adding much to the idea of it all. But there’s only so much of the writer’s own inflection that carries through the written word…you’ll eventually end up reading my sentences, I mean fragments, in your own voice.

So check this. Whenever you see this awesome PSAMPcast logo:


…you can go right ahead and read my posts in your own voice, and then go back and listen to it again in mine.

It’ll publish real-time with the article, but I won’t be doing it for every post. We’ll see how well this idea works out…



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