It’s…Arrested Champions

Thanks to my boy Benson for sending this over. He emailed it last night as I was writing up content for today WHILE I WAS WATCHING ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. My mind was blown.

This offseason, several Steelers made the news for making a huge mistake. They disobeyed the primary rule of the Milford Academy, which is to never be seen or heard. So now we’re stuck with more distractions heading into the season.

Big Ben was slapped with a sexual assault claim, for the second time in as many years. You may have your own opinion on if he’s innocent or not, but you know you at least saw that first girl and thought…”Her?” And while we don’t know the second chick’s identity, if her claim turns out to be a bogus cash-grab on a rich athlete, you know Steelers fans will have some clever name for her. Like, if her name is Amy, they’ll probably call her “Blamey.”

Santonio was also called out for allegedly throwing a drink in some girl’s face. Again, form your own opinion on the claim. But if the chick started getting in Santonio’s face and calling him racial slurs like he insists, then there’s no way he was going to back down and act like a chicken:

Seems like the Steelers just need to quit making the papers for the wrong reasons. And in Ben’s case…no touching! Stop putting yourself in these situations, Ben and Tone, and get back to your old tricks illusions on the football field. Because off of it, as you now know, it ain’t easy being white; it ain’t easy being brown.

DRAGON, SWOOP ME! (ed- okay, that doesn’t really fit here, but that one was just for me)

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