James Harrison = AFC Defensive Player of the Week

Man we’re only 2 weeks into the NFL season and we’re already back to one of my favorite quasi-features at PSAMP. To refresh, any time a Steelers is honored with player of the week/month/year awards, I honor them (and you!) at PSAMP by MS Painting an unseen picture of said player, usually next to a chickadee or two. So if performance bonuses and national recognition weren’t enough of a motivator for the players, then hopefully they want to get put on blast here.

And Silverback would kick off the 2010 season awards. By my count, he’s been defensive player of the week at least three times before (1, 2, 3) defensive player of the month twice (1, 2) and defensive player of the year one huge time.

With 11 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and 1 fumble recovery, James Harrison was more than deserving of the award. In my MMCNY recap, I mentioned that only Silverback and Troy Polamalu should’ve been up for defensive player of the week. I’m sure there were some other guys that played well on that side of the ball within the conference, but Silverback dominated.

And he only had to pay $5,000.00 for the award. Worth it.

Go Steelers.

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James Harrison = AFC Defensive Player Of The Week

While I was writing that title, Silverback forced like 6 more fumbles.

Harrison, who followed up a Defensive Player of the Year award with 4 meh games pretty much doubled his key stats against the Lions. His 3 sacks pushed his season total to 6, and another forced fumble moved him to 3 on the year. It’s why I used a picture of him causing Culpepper to fumble as the lead picture on this week’s MMCNY.

So yeah…the 3-sack performance got him the AFC Defensive Player of the Week award. That’s now a defensive player, offensive player and special teams player taking home the award for the Steelers within the first 5 weeks of the season. Everyone hating on any of those squads can read that and shut up. No team is perfect, but I’ll take the slightly flawed one that routinely houses beasts.

Congrats to James on the honor. And also for blowing my mind with that ridiculous Troy Polamalu shirt he’s wearing. Made me have to move my AFCDPOTW title to the side and off the shirt for the second consecutive time.

Thanks to Cotter for the heads up. Can’t believe we missed that yesterday.

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James Harrison = AFC Defensive Player of the Week

Props to James Harrison, as he was just voted AFC Defensive Player of the Week.

It’s hard to believe that it’s his first time winning the award this year. LaMarr won in twice, in Weeks 1 and 7 (which I missed), and Troy won once in Week 2. Hopefully, this increases James’ chances of winning Defensive MVP.

His stat line from the game…4 tackles (2 of ’em solo), one sack and forced fumble in the endzone, the tackle that resulted in the safety, an interception and 33 INT return yards. In other words, a typical game for Silverback. The sack/safety combination netted 2 points, and the interception set up a Jeff Reed FG. I’d venture to say that the award was rightfully given to Harrison, especially when he accounts for 5 of his team’s 11 points in a 1-point win. And remember that he plays DEfense.

Congrats, Jimmy. Enjoy your ladies.

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