Jerome Bettis And Kevin From The Office Are Good Announcers

Former Steelers RB Jerome Bettis wasn’t terrible in the NBC studio for Football Night In America, but he was one of the weakest links in an NFL show that had about 3,000 other talking heads. I guess he’s on NFL Network now, but I try to stay away from sports radio and television analysis.

But if he always did spots with Kevin from The Office, I’d likely tune in with greater frequency. Actually, Brian Baumgartner, the dude who plays Kevin, goes by some other name in this spot for College Humor’s Turtle Racing, but its easier and more fun to just think of his hilarious Office character.

Honestly, I didn’t even pay attention to this video to see if it was funny. I just pictured Bettis and Kevin covering all sorts of real sports. Would probably make those sports-talk shows more bearable.

Video here.