Jersey Foul Camera Guy Got In The Way

The Buccos improved to 2-0 with a walk-off extra-innings single last night, but from the look of it, you’d never know. I can apologize for the horrible quality of the screengrab, as you gotta find shady online feeds that the MLB have yet to take down if you’re a Pirates fan in NYC. I cannot, however, apologize for that camera guy getting in the way. That’s supposed to be hero Ronny Cedeno on screen, not your jersey-foul’d back, camera guy.

Do they even need that jersey? I think the giant camera gives away who he is.

Like TheStarterWife, I was excited to see this young team enjoy a big win early in the season. But this guy literally was in every shot. I know you wanna get some closeups of the guys celebrating, but they weren’t even showing your shots live. We were stuck looking at you rather than what you were shooting.

They’ll never bump him up to a CAMERA MAN jersey.



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