John Candy Watched Steelers Highlights At The Knights Of Columbus

The Second City is a legendary comedy troupe that launched the careers of more comedy actors than you know. From the mid-70s to mid-80s, Second City Television, or SCTV, could be seen on Canadian airwaves.

This clip is from an episode titled, “Boucin Back To You With The Tubes,” airing July 24, 1981. John Candy’s “Gil Fischer” comes in to check on the invalid “Guy Caballero,” as played by Joe Flaherty. Off-topic, but I absolutely love Flaherty as the always-awesome dad on Freaks and Geeks. Well Guy is pissed cos an entertainer for a show at the network is a druggie pill-popper, and is making a mess of herself on air. Gil tries to cheer Guy up by inviting him down to the Knights of Columbus to watch Steelers highlights. What a suggestion.

Peep this longer segment of this episode, where I snagged this clip from. Check out young Eugene Levy and Rick Moranis, as well as Catherine O’Hara being an awesome Catherine O’Hara.

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