Josh Koscheck Predicts The Penguins Will Beat The Canadiens

Josh Koscheck is a UFC fighter who beat some dude named Paul Daley last night. He’s originally from Waynesburg, PA. Even though I’m an MMA fan, I’ve never been a huge Koscheck fan. Not really sure why.

He’s trying to actively get me on his team, because after the fight (which included a post-bell sucker puch that got Daley cut from the UFC), Koscheck told the booing home crowd what the deal was with the current Pens/Canadiens series. Remember that the Bell Centre in Montreal hosted UFC 113 while the series shifted to Pittsburgh last night. Koscheck went off on the silly Habs fans in attendance. His reasoning:

A Pennsylvania native, Koscheck admitted he’s not much of a hockey fan. But with the Pittsburgh Penguins entrenched in a playoff series with the Canadiens, Koscheck took the opportunity to lash out at the Montreal faithful as they booed his victory.

“I knew that if they booed me, then I was going to get even with them,” Koscheck said. “I didn’t know that the Penguins did beat the – what is it, the Habs? – tonight. That didn’t go over too well.”

Koscheck may be an ass, but he’s enjoying his role. And predicting Penguins playoff series victories. He also does that.

h/t to here via Pittsburgh Sports Tavern.

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