Kate Mara Is Indecisive

Actress Kate Mara is hot, even though I don’t know off the top of my head anything that she’s been in. And despite her good looks, she doesn’t have the stones to pick a favorite NFL team between the Giants and Steelers, as her extended family owns both. Her response:

If I’m in front of my dad, I say the Giants; if I’m in front of my mom, I say the Steelers.”

She had both her parents with her in the video, and I gotta say, this makes her mom so much more approachable. And cool.

Look Kate, we’d rather you just pick one and run with it. You don’t have to try and be diplomatic with football fans…we understand how one team can have a bigger impact than others in our lives. Just pick one, and the world will keep on keepin’ on like it usually does.

But you should pick the Steelers. For real.

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