LaMarr Woodley’s Fans Know That I Hate His Shirts

That’s a screenshot of LaMarr Woodley’s official website. There’s newsblasts all over that thing announcing LaMarr as a Pro Bowler, as anyone who takes the time to go to his site would probably be all about knowing that kinda stuff.

And then, after all the official news about LaMarr that’s required reading for Woodley fans, there’s a link to my tongue-in-cheek mockery of LaMarr’s obnoxious penchant for wearing Tapout shirts. Because that’s something that Woodley fans really need to know.

It’s been up on his official site for about 2 weeks now, I’m just getting around to mentioning it because it’s a slow time in the sports world and I had nothing better to give you. You can call it self-serving if you want…I really don’t care what you think.

As a blogger, I’ve had opportunities to have my content fed into Google News as it gets published, but that’s something that makes little sense. I provide no real breaking news or qualified analysis. PSAMP is a place to laugh at the absurd side of local sports. There’s really no need to have my stuff on LaMarr’s official site as well. What is that going to accomplish? Aside from hopefully getting him to rethink his wardrobe.

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