Max Talbot Is Good At Practicing Hockey

Max Talbot has faced his share of criticism this season. I mean, the guy steps up on the biggest of stages, netting both goals in a 2-1 Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 with a bum shoulder, but he’s been relatively quiet since coming back from surgery on the injury. With only 1 goal and 4 assists in just 35 games littered with healthy scratches, Talbot has yet to get his wheels under him this season.

But I think I know what needs to happen to get Talbot going. Since Gary Bettman will do anything for his baby Sidney Crosby’s team, and the refs are on Lemieux’s payroll, let’s get the training exercise featured in this video added to every NHL game from here on out. Talbot is seen stickhandling from forehand to backhand through a number of pucks on the outline of the goal crease, weaving back and forth until he pockets each of the pucks in the net. That’s like 15 goals right there!

I’d have to imagine that if this practice tool was used in more games, or even just the playoffs, Talbot would be like the Sidney Crosby of the sport. Wait…does that even make sense?



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