Max Talbot Is Mr. Talbot

We’ve had plenty of fun looking at Max Talbot’s French blog on (here, here, here and here). He gives us a candid view at life as an NHL player, and translating it into English is always a blast. It just adds to the hilarity that is Max.

I mean…he’s the Superstar. That nickname just works, thanks to his awesome car commercials. RDS has a different name for him, though. He’s known as the very proper Mr. Talbot.

Just look at that screenshot. It’s from the RDS website. They have a number of athletes write personal blogs for their site…J.S. Giguere, Alex Kovalev, Anton Vermette. Even MMA star Georges St.-Pierre has a blog. But in the headshots for each star blogger, they give the athletes’ first initial and last name (see GSP’s). Yet in Talbot’s case (and a few others), they’ve given him a Mr. Talbot caption. It really works if you just picture him in the Skates and Plates tux.

Mr. Talbot sounds like he could be an assassin. But only if you’re the Red Wings and in the playoffs.

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