Mike Tomlin Is All Historic

I love political-science-y stuff. Call me a geek.

I came across video of Representative Bobby Scott of Virginia making an official Congressional proclamation to Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. Tomlin is originally from Newport News, VA, which is in Scott’s 3rd District. Congressional proclamations are written into the only official history of the United States, and now Mike is a part of it. I can totally see some aliens like 200 years in the future reading the history of this country and finding out that Mike Tomlin was the coolest. If we make it past the Mayans destroying us in 2012, that is.

Plus, it’s good to see Mike out and happy. He stays away from the spotlight in a manner similar to Chuck Noll, and has probably aged a great deal in the past two tumultuous offseasons. He’s a guy that has to deal with the team distractions on both an individual and a professional basis. So Scott’s Congressional recognition of the coach is well deserved, and that’s not even including the Super Bowl win.

I hope one of those aliens writes a term paper on Mike at some point.



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