Mongolian Rappers Love The Pirates

Rap week?

Thanks to Mitch for sending this over. It’s Mongolian rapper Tatar wearing a fantastic Pirates hat. He joins this awesome list of hip hop artists rocking Pittsburgh sports gear and/or lyrics:

Wiz Khalifa/Layzie Bone


Wiz Khalifa

Mobb Deep

Some cats from McKeesport

DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia


Method Man/Bun B

Nice. As a hip hop fan, this list makes me happy. I enjoy or have enjoyed just about everyone on that list, save for the low-level dudes from McKeesport. But they get love since I was born in Christy Park.

I tried to use a Mongolian-to-English translator (yes, those exist) to find out what the song title means, but the results came up empty. Who’da thunk it would be tough to figure out Mongolian? Do I got any Mongolian readers out there who can help me out? Or even a Mongo at this point?

Video below:

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