On Being A Penguins Fan In NYC During The Playoffs

I’ve posted this piece in the past 2 NHL playoffs, and we’ve gotten to the Stanley Cup Finals both years. It sums up how it feels to be a displaced fan in a city that isn’t your own, and how hockey brings everyone together.

I’m not going to publish the whole thing this time around, since it includes some dated references to these last 2 playoffs. But I’ll link it up here, as I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t mention it. I’m incredibly superstitious.

So as we wait for the puck to drop, go and read that piece. Maybe you’re in a foreign city yourself, or maybe you’re still in Pittsburgh and don’t know how important it is to have that sense of Penguins-normalcy at an arm’s length.

Oh, and…

Go Pens


On Being A Penguins Fan In New York City

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