One Of These Guys Is Wearing A Pirates Hat

This picture shows McKeesport-area rappers Mayo and B. White. They have some song now with Raekwon that my sister sent to me. Not necessarily because the song is some groundbreaking stuff or anything, but because they’re from McKeesport and one of ’em is wearing a Buccos hat.

I was born in the Christy Park district of Versailles/McKeesport, and lived there for a few years in a two-bedroom tiny little house with my parents and two older sisters. That whole area used to be filled with the guys who worked at the Duquesne Works and other steel mills in the area, but now it’s just a dilapidated ghetto. I couldn’t drive through the area without reminiscing about some long-closed place that I remembered from my childhood.

But whatever…a dude is wearing a Pirates hat and I’m featuring it here. It doesn’t take much to get on PSAMP.

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