P90X’s Tony Horton Loves The Steelers

I have no idea if that headline is accurate, but he does namedrop former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Lynn Swann.

The regimen itself is a 90-day workout, made up of 3 30-day phases. I’m a P90X disciple, and caught this reference back when I first started the second phase. During the chest/shoulders/triceps day of that phase, Tony instructs you to do a modified, above the head triceps extension, called Throw the Bomb. It’s a simulated football pass, if footballs weren’t pigskins and instead were hand weights or resistance bands.

So when Tony introduces the move, he pretends he’s eyeing up a receiver to throw to, and picks Lynn Swann as his guy. I’m shocked that no one else on the tape can name one more receiver when Tony asks, until someone finally picks Jerry Rice. This isn’t a really current bunch.

Lynn Swann then juggled a tossed hand weight while falling over some Cowboys cornerback and created a new exercise for Horton.

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