Pittsburgh Passion Update

It’s been like 2 weeks since we last checked in with the Pittsburgh Passion here, and they’ve had 2 games in that time. They went 1-1 with a loss against the New York Sharks and a rebounding win over the Baltimore Nighthawks.

I bet the Nighthawks are ugly.

So the Passion now stand at 4-2 with 2 games remaining in the season. The win this Saturday against Baltimore was the team’s 20th consecutive home victory. THEY MUST AND ALWAYS PROTECT THIS HOUSE!

Go Passion

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Pittsburgh Passion Update

Jeez…just realized that I haven’t kept up with the recent schedule of the Pittsburgh Passion. Hopefully you’ll forgive me, as it’s been all Penguins playoff hockey for me right now.

Last we checked, the Passion had just lost to the DC Divas back in early May. Since then, Pittsburgh beat the New York Nemesis, 41-0, the Detroit Something-or-Others 34-12, and the Connecticut Something Else’s 71-0!

Quite a rebound, if you ask me.

The Connecticut win was the last home game of the regular season, so the team plowed the opposition nicely. Coming up is the final two away games, at Philly, and then to Staten Island for the season finale against the New York Sharks. If they hold it down, then the playoffs should be no joke.

Go Passion!

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