Pittsburgh Penguins And Steelers Silly Bandz Are…Ok?

I had never heard of Silly Bandz until about 2 weeks ago. I still don’t know why kids are losing their minds over ’em…they’re just stupidly misshapen bracelets. Sure, they look like other things when they’re not on your wrist, but then what’s the point of them being bracelets in the first place? Maybe I’m just not getting it.

Anyway, I just noticed Steelers and Penguins ones today. Here’s the Steelers ones:

They got a whole pack, showing a hypocycloid, helmet, football, team name and 6x. The Pens one just seems to be the team logo among the rest of the NHL logos:


The most insulting thing is that the pic shows the Pens logo between the Habs and Capitals ones.

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