Fact: I had never heard of Qdoba before this time last year. There were never any (that I knew of) in Pittsburgh when I still lived there, and I was there more or less through summer/fall of 2007. I only found out what it was thanks to Dan Bylsma’s now-historic daily Qdoba burrito that helped the Pens win the Cup.

Fact: I was going to get a Qdoba burrito for the first time in Manhattan near our Pens bar before the Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 to show support for the coach, but I forgot, or ran out of time or some nonsense excuse. I still have never eaten there.

Fact: Leading off sentences with Fact sucks and is stupid, and now I’m done with it.

So Bylsma’s penchant for Qdoba is well-documented. He’s never getting away from the distinction.

Now, over the past few days, my buds at The Pensblog have been assisting a reader who is in a contest to win free Qdoba for a year. Seeing the influx of Pensblog readers trying to help a fellow Pens fan made Qdoba temporarily shut down the contest.

And now thanks to Brooks, we find out that the chick accusing Santonio Holmes of throwing a drink at her is…a lineserver at Qdoba. Can we not get away from that burrito place? Does Qdoba have some secret plan to infiltrate different sports cities and overtake the teams there?

The Pirate Parrot eats his Chipotle burrito and wonders what all the fuss is about.

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