Russell Crowe’s Newest Movie Trailer Has Pittsburgh Sports Stuff In It

Thanks to Penshead for sending this over. He says:

This movie takes place in Pittsburgh … some awesome shots of the city in the trailer plus awesome Pirates jacket at 1:58 and what appears to be Penguins hat.

I love Russell Crowe and this isnt first move i saw of him with Pittsburgh sports stuff. If you have seen State Of Play movie you would have saw him with a bunch of Steelers stuff.

Check out the pic i attached … it looks like a triangle on his hat which resembles Pittsburgh Penguins logo

You can decide for yourself if that’s a Pens hat. I’ll say yes, just because the Penguins are awesome and I tend to see their stuff everywhere based solely on my obsession with the team.

Full trailer here.

Fun fact: Elizabeth Banks is the leading lady in this movie. She was also the lead female in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which also took place in Pittsburgh (Monroeville) and featured Pittsburgh sports paraphernalia throughout. Plus, she’s hot.

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