Late last night my bud Seth, who runs the incomparable Post-Gazette hockey blog Empty Netters, mentioned the absurd notion that the paper was amazingly considering dropping Seth’s baby.

To those of us in the blogosphere, this comes as a complete shock. EN bridged the gap between a mainstream newspaper such as the PG and the unwashed masses, per se. Seth’s efforts at EN immediately gave credibility and support to those of us that talk Penguins hockey, or any hockey for that matter, on blogs and different Internet venues.

We understand that blogging for a mainstream company is business, and I can’t say I know the entire line of reasoning that ended with EN’s now-shaky future. But eliminating something that has such importance and support to and from the very people that keep the PG relevant is no way to expand an industry that has seen nothing short of a full-on migration from print to the Internet in recent years.

Will this blog post do anything to change the PG’s mind? Who knows? I hope it at least serves as a reminder that seemingly insignificant decisions resound greatly in different communities, and also reflects just as much on those making the decisions.

Here is contact info at the PG if you wanna voice your opinion. I hope you do. It IS Guy Fawkes Day, you know.

*contact info removed. apparently we sent the message*


My friend Sarah, who wrote a great piece on the situation herself, is at tonight’s Pens-Ducks game in Anaheim. What a sign.

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