Sidney Crosby Wants To Be On Top Of Your Beer, Too

You know the drill…you’re kicking back after a long day of work, flipping through the channels while enjoying a well-deserved cold one when you stop and immediately think…”this could use like 100% more Crosby.”

Waitaminute…didn’t we just do this?

We know that Crosby lives with and emulates Lemieux, but now he’s taking it to an unhealthy level by getting all up on Mario’s beer bottle cap tip. Somewhere, Jagr is dying alive trying to get on a cap and Ron Cook and Rob Rossi are making you believe that Geno is doing the same thing.

Or, if a giant NHLer’s face on top of your beer is a little too disturbing, just grab one with the Pens logo. There’s actually a few different Penguins logos available, because you’re an indecisive jerk.


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