Sidney Crosby’s Little Sister Is A Red Wing


Thanks to Sidney Crosby Hockey for turning my attention to this. Sid’s little sister, Taylor Crosby, gave an interview as one of the top female goalies in Eastern Canada. You’ll remember that Sid and Taylor’s father, Troy Crosby, was drafted as an NHL goalie the same year as Mario Lemieux.

As a member of the team in Cole Harbour, Taylor has a 1.15 GAA and .993 save percentage in 39 games. Likewise, when I played indoor floor hockey goalie with friends back in high school, I probably had like a 4.15 GAA and .793 save percentage. Don’t know why I said “likewise” there…probably just because we both played goalie. I’m cool like that.

And now here’s a few images that will hopefully chap actual Red Wings fans asses. Here’s Taylor’s helmet, which goes against conventional NHL wisdom by showing the Penguins logo next to the Winged Wheel on her helmet. So while the Cole Harbour Red Wings pay tribute to last year’s Stanley Cup runner-ups, Taylor made sure to show her love for the actual Stanley Cup champions with a skating Penguin logo.


And then there’s her jersey. If I remember correctly, Sid bought the team’s uniforms, and they thanked him by putting his number 87 on the fronts of the jerseys. So it’s pretty cool that as a goalie, she wears Marc Andre Fleury’s number 29, and right next to that 29 is Sid’s 87. A Wings jersey with the numbers of two of the star performers for last year’s Penguins Cup team that beat Detroit in 7 games? I’ll allow it.

Video here.



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