Smirnoff Ice Games Suck

I found that Bros Icing Bros drinking game to be stupid. Ooooo, a bunch of fratty little shits are gonna make you chug a Smirnoff cos it’s so gross! Sounds hilarious.

It looks like Smirnoff decided to axe the independent game, since it reflected poorly on their brand. But that won’t stop new drinking games from emerging. Ever hear of Five Fifty Easy? It seems to be a new way to chug your drink (with an admittedly funny backstory), only with a flexed arm. Or something.

I was forwarded a link to the main page, and immediately saw some douche with a Pirates hat as the latest post. By the way…nice Ed Hardy shirt and ironic armband.

If there were real Pittsburgh Pirates icing each other, we could call it Pros Icing Woes. LMAOWTFLOL.

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