Some Hot Stripper Chick Is Ready For Pirates Season

This hot chick is totally ready for Pirates season…she says so in this video. I’m cool with anyone who says they’re looking forward to Pirates baseball, especially when they’re hot stripper chicks who are dangerously close to being naked.

In fact, we’ve gone down this road before. The PG-13 video is actually an ad for a very-NSFW website called HottieGram. At one point last year, we noticed another hot stripper chick from the same service consoling Steelers fans after a loss. With HottieGram, you can have said hot stripper chicks say like a hundred different pre-recorded names in an eCard, while they touch on almost all different sports teams and game scenarios. And then they take their tops off. This one just happened to be a video for the Pittsburgh baseball fan getting ready for the season who also wouldn’t mind seeing some flesh.

I’ll refrain from linking the NSFW site itself…it’s easy to find if you aren’t Internet-deficient. The video link is safe, as that stuff doesn’t fly on Youtube. I’m surprised they haven’t taken down this video…not for the hint at eventual nudity, but because it’s kinda hard to believe that some hot chick is down with the Pirates. Hell, I can barely get most overweight Pittsburghers motivated for Pirates season.

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