Some Little Dude Tried To Tackle Jerome Bettis


Former Steeler Jerome Bettis is helping the NFL and find a new director of fandemonium. I’m not well versed on fandemonium, so I’ll assume it’s being overly excited about your home team, and the winner of the award will probably get to go to the Super Bowl or something.

All I know is that Jerome Bettis made some videos for the endeavour, and in one of them, some little guy asks if he can tackle Jerome. As you can see in the above picture, the guy is a lot smaller than The Bus. Bettis is able to pick him up with ease to see if the guy has enough weight to put into a potential tackle, but the guy can’t do the same.

After the guy failed to pick him up, Jerome should’ve did that sideways jumping dance that he always did after touchdowns.

For what it’s worth, here’s Pittsburgh’s fandemonium representative.

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