Steelers Carousels Are Badass, Too

I like looking at local sports memorabilia. I think that’s painfully obvious when you peruse the PSAMP archives and see post after post on the world of unlicensed merch out there. But I enjoy it all…unlicensed, official, arts and crafts, toys…

It’s safe to say that if it references Pittsburgh sports, I’m a fan. Remember this Steelers train? Or this one? Just awesome stuff.

That train is in the same category as this awesome Steelers carousel. Me and Penshead hang out in Central Park near a working carousel, the one at Kennywood was always a treat when I was younger, and I just finished the first season of Mad Men, where in the finale, Don Draper comes up with the name Kodak Carousel for their cutting-edge slide projector. So if I see a Steelers carousel immediately afterward, I’m mentioning it.

There’s not much else to say, other than to just look at this cool thing and wish you had one. Or three. Whatever.

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