Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

34-20 Steelers.

We won, but didn’t get the help needed to slide into the playoffs. It sucks, but you can’t count on other teams for your own success. Hopefully Mike Tomlin remembers that when he’s readying the team for camp after a long winter/spring without football. And the players better remember that playing down to opponents is no way to make the playoffs.

The season has been a brain explosion all year. Not many teams go through matching 5-game winning and losing streaks. It’s been maddening in its own right. As in it was only fitting that our only 2 interceptions by a CB came in the last game of the season…in a game that eventually meant nothing to the Steelers.

The offseason is gonna suck, but we’ve had more non-championship offseasons than championship ones, so I think we’ll get through it one way or another. Call it a hunch.

Go Steelers.

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