Steelers Fan At Mardi Gras Is Awesome

Yesterday was Mardi Gras, which I’ve never been to in New Orleans. Supposedly it’s a ridiculous time. Couple in the recent Saints Super Bowl win and there must’ve been a lot of partying going on. So much partying, in fact, that dedicated Steelers fans decided to take over.

Fox 8 news caught one totally awesome Steelers fan at the Mardi Gras celebration. This amazing Steelers fan needed to express her love for the Black and Gold (OUR version of Black and Gold) at Ground Zero for Saints fans.

And now I just realized that I used a 9/11 reference to describe the place hit hardest by Katrina. Am I going to double-hell now?

Anyway, the Steelers fan did what any other Steelers fan is compelled to do when a camera is shoved in their face…support your team no matter where you are. It was nice to also see her show love to the Saints when they faced off against the Colts…I think all of Steelers Nation was with her in wanting the Indianapolis Peyton Mannings to lose.

Video below. Now go out and find a news camera and proclaim your love of the Steelers, Pens or Pirates. Preferably in some random locale.

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