Steelers Weatherkid In Baltimore Is Awesome, Ballsy

Meet Iysiah Maull-Christy, our newest national hero.

Iysiah recently appeared on WBFF FOX45 Baltimore to show the weatherman that even a kid can do his job. Iysiah went through the Sky Watch weather like a pro, before getting congratulations from the weatherman and news anchor. They tried to assume that Isyiah was a Ravens fan, until the kid flipped the script and told them he was a Steelers fan in Ravens country. Someone get this kid a medal.

Isyiah shows love for the Steelers around the 2:53 mark. The best part is around the 3:38 point. The anchor starts trash-talking Isyiah, then asks if he’d rather play football or be a weatherman when he grows up. Let’s try and think which job a young boy would rather have. The anchor says, “Well, you go be on the Steelers team and our Ravens guys are gonna beat up on you, you just watch out, ok?” Isyiah’s response?


Go Steelers.

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