Terry Crews Talking About Steelers. YES

Actor Terry Crews is awesome. One of my favorites. Including the clip in this post, I’ve now uploaded 23 videos to my Youtube account, and Crews is prominently featured in 2 of ’em. Seeing that most of the videos are me and Cotter’s Steelers pregame show, Crews makes up a fairly high percentage of the rest.

Last week, I was flipping through the channels and saw the new TBS show “Are We There Yet” based off the Ice Cube movie. I know nothing of the film other than that OG Ice Cube totally wussed out with a family comedy. So he’s now moved it to cable television as a producer, with Crews taking his role as family patriarch. The newest episode was on, where football-loving Crews butts heads with his fútbol-loving son. The episode is topically relevant, what with the World Cup going on.

This clip is the very beginning of the episode. Prior to the show intro, Crews and his son talk football vs. fútbol. After the intro, the kid tells Crews that Hope Solo is his favorite fútbol player, and this is the response that follows:

Always-awesome Terry Crews: There are no football players named Hope. Football players have names like Mean Joe Greene, Refrigerator Perry, LT, TO, AP, Eli.

Kid: Well what about Chris Hope of the Tennessee Titans?

Always-awesome Terry Crews: *makes an awesome defeated face*

Aside from me expecting Crews to rip off the kid’s head and start flexing like his Tim and Eric-directed Old Spice commercial character would, I enjoyed the casual namedrops of a few former Steelers. Crews himself was a former defensive end and linebacker, so the mention of defensive Steelers Greene and Hope were pretty cool.

And if you don’t agree, then his President Camacho character has something in store for you.



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