Thank You, Pens

Last night was a heartbreaking loss for the Pittsburgh Penguins…there’s no two ways about it. Being eliminated from the playoffs is no picnic. So I just wanted to personally thank the Pens for this past season. There were so many ups and downs, but the end result was the fans getting to see great hockey being played until Mid-May. Thrilling, to say the least.

The above video is from the video Against The Odds, the 1991-92 Pens Stanley Cup champs videotape. The song aptly expresses the joy that being a Pens fan brings. Just a certain happiness.

Although the season ended a month earlier than expected, we’ll still have a fantastic 2010-11 season to look forward to and a great final season at the Civic Arena to always remember.

It’s always a great day for Penguins hockey.

Go Pens.

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