The Dude From The Worst Zelda Games Ever Is A Pirates Fan. Just Go With It

‘Bout to get all meme-y up in here.

Gonna have to set this up with the help of Know Your Meme for those of you that don’t know classically-horrible video games and Internet subculture.

There were 3 Legend of Zelda games released for the Phillips CD-i console that are generally noted as the worst Zelda games ever created. They had insane animated cutscenes, one famously including a shopkeeper named Morshu.

YTPMV stands for Youtube Poop Music Video, in which cutscenes such as the Morshu ones are clipped and set to a beat and distributed over Youtube.

In the above video, we see the Morshu cutscene YTPMV’d to a Pittsburgh Pirates song. No clue why, but if you’re gonna support one of the worst teams in the league right now, you might as well be one of the worst video game characters in history.

So…go Buccos?