The Furries Are The Coolest People/Animals In The World

Two weeks ago, I tipped you guys off to the exsistence of a Pittsburgh furry basketball team, the Pittsburgh Keystones. While the team itself is a fictional/fantasy one, the creators gave it an implied history that dates back to the 1960s. From the info I could find, the league was started by an individual named Buck Hopper last year.

My birthday was on Friday, and I spent most of it with friends in Brooklyn. I got a few phonecalls, cards and general birthday wishes, but no physical surprise presents. Remember those? You’d maybe ask for something, then get something even better and cooler that you wouldn’t even expect. It would literally blow the top off your 9-year old head cos to that point, your imagination couldn’t comprehend what was just happening.

Well I asked for a night out with some of my closest friends, and during that time, my Blackberry buzzes with what can only be described as a perfect surprise present. The Buck Hopper in question had enjoyed my post, and wanted to send something along:

I commissioned a pic for you to thank you for the article. I really appreciate your shout out to the Furry Basketball Association!

I high-fived myself, opened the picture and OFJSHSfasokjhfrOLSf oH FURRY MINI PONY BASKETBALL PLAYER/FAN IN PITTSBURGH KEYSTONES GEAR pfskajhfpas PSFR pSFRON. Are you kidding? It’s like my birthday week was just filled with pictures trying to hold down the BEST ON THE INTERNET crown. Majestic mini pony chariot man and Ed Gein-inspired mini horse (via stoosh) have just been showed up by something even more magical. In a big way.

So go Keystones. I was already rooting for you thanks to your geographical location, but now I’m rooting for you even harder if that’s possible.

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