The Penguins Should Switch Goalies On The Fly More Often


Man, Scotty Bowman was ballsy. In this clip, we’re reminded of his tactic of switching between goalies Ken Wregget and Wendell Young…while play was still going on…in order to get his goalies ready for the playoffs. The Youtube page says that this game was in mid-April of 1992 against the Rangers. The Penguins went on to repeat as Stanley Cup champs that season.

So here we are in 2010, trying to repeat as Stanley Cup champs again. And if you listen to all those brand-new die-hard Penguins fans, the team needs to make a change in net, because Fleury is holding this year’s squad back. The same Fleury who was brilliant in facing elimination in Games 6 and 7 of the 09 Stanley Cup Finals. But if they want the team to make these drastic changes, then why not ratchet up the insane scale, and re-apply the Scotty Bowman technique. I’m sure that’ll shut them up.

But honestly, this is just badass and should happen in more Penguins games. Video below.



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